What happens when you put a lemon next to your bed

Everyone knows that lemon is very useful especially because of its high levels of vitamin C. In winter we put it in our tea, and in summer we make it to fresh lemonade, but its uses are not finish only here. We’ll reveal to you today what happens if you leave a cut lemon on your bedside table.

You’ll get better sleep

Image of sleeping peopleCitrus aroma soothes the nervous system, reduces anxiety and helps you relax after a busy day. You can also use essential oil of lemon, if not – just put a slice of lemon to your bed.

Your concentration will increase

This is one of the amazing properties of lemon. If you inhale Image of working girlits aroma every day, your concentration and memory will improve. Even at work people make fewer mistakes if the room is filled with its fragrance. This interesting phenomenon has been proven by Japanese scientists. Your mood will improve Lemon essential oil is a proven anti-depressant drug. So if you feel sad, put a lemon in your room.

The air will be cleared of microbes

Lemon not only has a pleasant aroma but also an antibacterial property. He successfully cleans the air in the room.

End of High Blood

Many people suffer from high blood pressure and the lemon can help them.

It is proven that its aroma lowers blood pressure.

Insects will no longer bother you

Image of insectAnts, flies, mosquitoes and other bugs hate the smell of Image of lemonslemon, so you will not have to give money for chemical repellents. For an even stronger effect, you can put a cloves on the lemon.

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