End of tenancy cleaning: the closet clean-up 

Your closet is a holy place, isn’t it? Well, most of us are Carrie Bradshaw type and we like our money right where we can see them, hanging in our closets. You have too many clothes and you know it. You are going to buy even more the next season, or the next time you are in a depression and you go shopping, or when you are in one of those I-have-nothing-to-wear situations, or when you notice that dress on the window display and you instantly realize that buying it will make you happy. That’s right. But you recently noticed that your rental agreement is coming to an end next month and you will not only have to move out but even worse, you will have to take care of the end of tenancy cleaning. And yes, you are not a masochist and you hired one of the best London’s professional cleaners, but you know that you have to pack everything before they even arrive. So, now it’s time to clean up the whole mess in the closet and prepare for the whole move out thing.

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Sort out

This first step sounds easy, but when you have too many clothes it turns out to be tedious and tiring. However, first, take out all your clothes and put them on display – anywhere you can see them clearly. Then it’s time for a decision. There are probably too many clothes you have never used or you have worn only once, well, think about giving them away – to your friends, relatives or to someone in need. You can give them for charity or you can recycle them in a clothing store where you will receive a discount in return.

Launder and pack

When you move in the new place, there are going to be some inconveniences at first. Your washing machine might still not be transported, or connected with the electricity, or with the water main. And you will definitely need your clothes at the moment when the laundry would be one of the world’s biggest problems for you. So you better launder and dry all your clothes, no matter if you intend to use them soon. Only then you can pack all of them in different boxes for the different seasons, or types of clothes. You better know that you won’t need your jackets in the middle of the summer and your swimming suit in the middle of the winter. So take into consideration the season while you are packing. And do not forget to write on the boxes what’s in them.

Think wisely

Maybe right before the move out is not the perfect moment for shopping. Yeah, you want that fur coat too much, but if you buy it now, you will have to think how you could transport it and to worry about it being safe and so on. There won’t be a problem if you buy it a week later and you hang it directly in the wonderful new closet.