The Post Tenancy Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Once this was a simple cleaning. Did you want to move out? You performed it without bringing it some great importance or whatever. Nowadays, nothing is that simple and the successful post tenancy or move out cleaning is a science.

spatter-83169_960_720 And you have no bachelor degree, no master one, and no Ph.D. How are you supposed to cope with it then? Well, with the great help of the cleaning teams (thanks God, they exist and they are awesome) and with the right preparation. Know what to expect and nothing will surprise you. Plan what you will be doing and it will be all perfect.

Arrange an appointment early enough

You don’t want to end up having anyone to help you with the cleaning, do you? Then start planning a month earlier and arrange an appointment for the post tenancy cleaning. Thus the cleaners will be able to prepare a personalized quote for you and you will be able to keep calm and know that the inspection pass is guaranteed.

Pack correctly

There are two types of packing. With the first one, you throw everything you see in boxes, then tape them and transport them to the new place. In this case, you end up looking for every belonging of yours hours in the hundred boxes. The other type is the systematic one. You know what to store where. You write down on every box what is in it and then you find everything super easy when you are unpacking. You choose the better one. Hint, hint, the second.

Double check

The checklists of the inspectors are full of many little things you could hardly think of. Usually, the cleaners know them pretty well, but some of them are so insane that may be easily forgotten. Just double check and make sure everything will be fine.