The Little Bits & Pieces that Turn Every House into a Home

The empty house is no home no matter how fancy and spacious it is.

kitchen-563548_960_720The home is something between a cozy house and apartment you own or rent and the feelings and memories you have with it. Home is where you go back after every adventure and home is the place you feel nostalgic for. Home is a piece of you. It is a sensation and not only the building itself. That is why when you move in a new place, you feel strange and totally uncomfortable. And you are instantly asking yourself, how could you make this place homier as soon as possible?

The pictures

These are a total must-have in every house, but have even greater meaning when it is about making your house cozier. Choose different photos – weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, nights out with friends, Christmas and Eastern, concerts and trips. Choose as many photos as you want to hang and then put them all in beautiful little frames. Spread them around the house and it wouldn’t be a stranger’s one anymore. It will be all yours.

The props

Little dishes, spoons and forks and that thing you put the cake onto, mugs and cups and glasses. They are all beautiful and all unique. Choose wisely and don’t take many of the white and boring ones, but choose such that could fit your every mood and bring joy to your life. Little things do matter and a coffee in your favorite mug with a nice book is a moment to be enjoyed and remembered.

The fabrics

All the pillows and cushions and blankets on every bed, armchair and sofa make your house a lot cozier. They all bring warmth and isn’t this what we want from our lovely homes?